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The Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary (NBMS) and Artificial Reefs consists of 3 separate reef areas off the shores of Navarre Beach Marine Park. Two sites are in Santa Rosa Sound with 105 reef trees and one is in the Gulf of Mexico with 78 trees for a total of 183 individual reef trees placed at the 3 sites. Each tree consist of 3 branches (discs) to provide more reef surface area.


To help maintain the reefs, we are offering you the opportunity to adopt a tree at the reef sites. Your tree will quickly be bursting with life as marine organisms of all types take to living in and around it.



Benefits to you:


  • Your name and/or message on  the designated beach Kiosk becomes a lasting memorial
  • Signs and maps give you the ability to locate the tree or branch you are responsible for
  • A part of making a safe, sustainable, and environmental friendly recreation resource available to hundreds of thousands of individuals
  • A tax deductible donation to the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation (a Not for Profit 501 (c) (3) corporation)


Benefits of the community:


  • Reefs provide a positive economic impact by creating 3 great scuba and snorkeling sites
  • Reefs provide new education program opportunities for the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station
  • Reefs provide new opportunities for grant fund studies
  • Reefs provide homes for a diversity of marine life, including oysters, which can each filter between 10 and 50 gallons of water a day



  • Sound Side Tree – $500  
  • Gulf Side Tree – $600 


*Each reef structure (tree) consists of 3 discs (branches). 105 trees are available in Santa Rosa Sound; 78 trees are available in the Gulf of Mexico




How do I adopt a tree?


  • Adoption rack cards are available at the Sea Oat Pavilion Kiosk in the Marine Park & at the Chamber of Commerce office
  • Purchase online via PayPal below

Indicate Reef Tree, contact info, and inscription text in comments when verifying donation amount.



How will my donation be used?


Your donation will be used for maintenance and improvement of the reef sites and marine sanctuary programs.


Watch the Artificial Reef and Ecosystems video of the installation process below.



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